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Hello everyone... Newbie here. 
01:20am 05/06/2006
  Can any one help me find replacement limbs for a 1980 something 22" SE Berenguer Doll? Ive looked everywhere online for just an arm and a leg.. I guess I should start at the beginning. My doll that Im trying to help is Joey I got him when I was younger and I left him in the barn in 1996 and sadly.. My pet rabbit ate some of his bracelet hand and some of his toes. =/ Now I just want to fix him. So, can anyone help? Also.. here's a picture of a doll I found while searching for parts. My doll looks just like this one. Cause Im afaid that if I found the pieces on my own they wont match his skin. Please help. Thanks for taking time to read this.


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08:10pm 14/03/2003
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New arrival from Moon Babies Nursery! She all the pics HERE
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09:10am 10/03/2003
My newest doll is being offered on Ebay. He has a few flaws so he is extra cheap! If your in the market for a "budget reborn" this is your chance to own a one of a kind rebron from Moon Babies Nursery for $100.00 shipped!
See Christopher Here!
08:55pm 02/03/2003
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Welcome to Reborn Berenguer tips, tricks, and listings!

This community has been created for Live Journal users that are interested in reborning or are reborn artists that would like to share and learn!

Feel free to share your eBay listing. If you post pictures, please keep them under 300x400 pixels or share them behind a cut.